Company Picnic Games: Best Picnic Games For Company Outing


Spring is the season of picnics and no picnic can be fun without some interesting and fun picnic games. Today in this post, I am sharing some ideas for company picnic games. You can also play these games with your ladies gang in a kitty party too or maybe with kids in a birthday party.

Company Picnic Games

Water Race- A fun water game

This is a water game to be played outdoors. You can play this game as your company picnic games or can play it with kids at a birthday party too. So here you have to divide the players into teams first and make one member the leader of the team. Now make all the leaders stand at a point and give him an empty jug. Blindfold all other players and give them each one glass filled with water. Make the players stand in a line and now the challenge for them is to walk blindfolded, reach their leader and pour the glass of water in his jug. The leader can guide the players with his words. The team who gets all the glasses first poured in the jug will be the winner of this game.

Get the balls- Blindfold Fun Game

This is again a blindfold game wherein you will need many balls of different sizes and colors. First, divide the players into teams and blindfold everyone. You can play this game with all teams together or you can call the teams one by one to play the game, this is entirely up to you. Now throw all the balls on the floor and the task for players is to bend on their knees and find the balls. They won’t carry anything, so they have to adjust the balls in their hands, clothes or wherever they want. The team which collects the maximum number of balls will be the winner. To make this picnic game more interesting you can keep a certain number of points for each color of the ball.

No hands eating- Fun picnic game

This is again one of the very interesting company picnic games which you can play in an office party or a birthday party or in your ladies kitty party too. This is an individual game basically but you can ask all the team to play it together too. The challenge in this game is to eat something without using your hands. You can keep anything, like a burger, a sandwich, an apple or maybe a watermelon. The player or the team who finishes the item first will certainly be the winner of this game.

Shoe Flying- Fun Picnic Game for Mencompany picnic games


This is basically a game for men but can be played with women too. In this game, the challenge for the men in the picnic is to throw their shoe on a table. They have to throw the shoe directly from their feet. Keep a table at some distance. Now the challenge for them is to throw the shoe in a way that it lands on the table. Who does it best will be the winner. You can give them 1, 2 or 3 chances, that’s totally up to you.

Family Toss- One of the best company picnic games

Divide your guests into teams. Make sure that each team has an even number of members. Call the teams to the play area one by one and ask them to make pairs. Make them stand in a line as shown in the picture. Give a piece of cloth to each member of the team and make them stand in a line. Give 6 balls to the team. The challenge is to toss the balls from one member to another using the cloth piece. Members are not allowed to use hands. The member standing last in the line has to drop the ball in the bucket. The team who finishes doing so with all the balls will be the winner of this game.

This was my list of best company picnic games. Do let me know if you have some more of thee interesting ideas, I will be more than happy to publish your games here under your name.

Also, let me know in the comments which was your favorite game in this list.


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