Baby Shower Games : Men Get Pregnant


This is one the most interesting baby shower games I can suggest for a baby shower party. Well, you can play this game with ladies also, but the fun count doubles if you play it with men. We women get pregnant and carry our bumpy belly for nine long months, and  this party game will let men realize for a minute that how difficult it is to carry a baby bump.

I know you might be guessing what the baby shower game is all about. So the game goes like this-

Baby Shower Games with Menbaby shower games

Ask all the men in your baby shower party to sit on chairs in a row, make sure that they are wearing the shoes with untied laces. Now give one big balloon to all men participating in this baby shower game. The men will now insert the inflated balloon in their T-Shirt, and as time starts they will tie their shoe laces and then get up and run with a vegetable basket to the finishing point.

The man who comes first will win this baby shower game. I hope you are getting what I wanna convey. If no, please feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box. I am always here to solve your queries. Moreover, the picture of this baby shower game will explain you more.

While I played this game in a Baby shower party, but this is a fun family game and thus you can arrange it in any of your family gatherings, may it be a birthday party or anniversary party. This party game would also suit in the bachelor’s party.


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