Interesting Game For Summers Kitty Party: Frozen Shirt

summer kitty party game

Frozen Shirt is not really a new game but I haven’t yet included it here in my blog, so I am sharing it now. This is a summer kitty party game and an individual game and perfectly suitable for your summers kitty party. Though as I always say, if you have many members in your kitty party, you can first divide them into teams and then call one member from each team to play the game.

Frozen Shirt: Summer Kitty Party Game

summer kitty party game

This game involves some water in it so be prepared for some mess, or you can play it in a corner of your party hall, so not your entire hall gets messed up.

Things required for this summer kitty party game

To play this game in your summers kitty party, you need to do the preparation a day before your kitty party. You need to freeze a shirt, and to do so, you have to fold a shirt and pack it in a polythene bag. Then add water in that polythene and keep it in the freezer for a day, so that the water inside the bag freezes and you get the frozen shirt.

Now how to play the game Frozen Shirt.

You will call the members one by one to play the game or if you can arrange many shirts, you can call them all together to play the game. Give one frozen shirt to each member and start the timer.

The challenge for the members is to defrost the shirt and wear it. The member who does the challenge in the minimum time will be the winner. You can also play this game in your couple party, where both husband and wife will try to defrost the shirt and then one of them can wear it.

This is a fun game to be played in any kitty party. You can also add it to your swimming pool kitty party as the members can then use the pool water to defrost the shirt quickly and wear it.

Do let me know if you have any doubts about this game or have any queries.

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