Orange n Chin: Funny Teen Birthday Party Game

teen birthday party game

Orange n Chin is a very funny teen birthday party game which all your guests would love to play. However you can also play this game in any of your office parties, ladies kitty parties, kids birthday parties or even in a baby shower party. This is a hilarious game and creates great fun in the party.

Funny Teen Birthday Party Game
Funny Teen Birthday Party Game

Things Required

Oranges and nothing else- yes you only need oranges to play this game and nothing else.

How To Play Orange n Chin Relay Race

  • Divide your guests into teams first
  • Call the teams one by one to the playing area and give them five oranges each
  • The challenge here is to shift the oranges from one table to another placed at a set distance.
  • The team members have to relay with the oranges holding then in their chin.
  • The image above says it all.

The team which takes minimum time to do that will be the winner in this Funny Teen Birthday Party Game. You can also arrange this game in your ladies kitty party. You just have to divide your guests into teams and then call the teams one by one to play the game. If you don’t get oranges, you can play this game with apples, potatoes or even with plastic balls. The fun is all about shifting it from one chin to other. Your guests will love playing this game for sure. Do write to me if you arrange this game in your parties.

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I hope the game is clear to you. Do hit the like button if you liked the game and also feel free to leave your comments below if you have any doubts in this game.

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