5 Best Couple Games For Diwali Party


Diwali is just around the corner and obviously, everyone is looking for some fun and interesting games for the Diwali party. Today in this post I am sharing 5 Best Couple Games For Diwali Party. These games are all simple and funny, you can also play these games in your ladies kitty party or any other celebration of the Diwali festival in your family or societies.

5 Best Couple Games For Diwali Party

Diya Race- funny couple game

In this game, you will need many diyas because we will play this game with all the couples together in the couple kitty party. If you are playing this game in your ladies kitty party, you can call two ladies from each team to play this game. So in this game, the couple has to make and light the diyas together and make a rangoli out of it. The challenge in this game is that the husband will make the diya, like add batti and ghee and the wife will light the diya and go to a separate table and make a Swastik rangoli. The husband will keep making the diyas and the wife will keep lighting and making the rangoli. The couple who makes the Swastik out of the lit diyas first will be the winner of this game.

Phool Mala- Couple Game

This is again a very funny couple game for your Diwali theme couple kitty party. To play this game with your friends, you will need many flowers, the genda flowers which we use in the Diwali decoration. Along with the flowers you will need the needle and thread. The challenge for the couples in this game is to make a phool mala together wherein only one hand of each spouse will be used. The husband and wife both will use only one hand and the other hand will be on their back while making the phool mala. Also, keep a murti of Laxmi-Ganesh at a certain distance. The couple who makes the mala first and put it on the murti will be the winner of this game.

Bangle Wax- Interesting Game For Couples

This is again a very interesting game for couples, it is a bit tough though. To play this game, you will need the candles and the bangles. In this game, the wife will light the candle and pour down the wax on the table and the challenge for the husband is to stand the bangles on that wax one by one. This is a one minute game and the couple who stands the maximum number of bangles in one minute will be the winner of this game.

Diwali ki Safai – Super fun game for couples

This is one of my favorite games to be played with couples. This also suits very well to the Diwali party because it is based on Diwali ki safai. To play this game you need to create some mess in your party hall. Keep many items scattered in one corner of your hall which will be depicted as a dirty and messed up room. You can keep the kitchen dabbas, the newspapers, some books, jhaadu, and many other items to create this mess. Now call all couples together of one by one, totally your choice, to play this game. The wife here will stand behind a wall or a curtain so that she can’t see her husband and will instruct her husband to do the chores and the husband has to follow them and arrange all the things as mentioned by his wife. For example, the wife will shout that take the newspapers, pile them properly and keep it in a corner, now take the kitchen dabbas, wipe them with a cloth and keep them in a line, oh don’t forget to put a newspaper under these dabbas etc etc. Like this the couples will play this game and the couple who arranges the items first will be the winner of this game.

ON-N-OFF – Simple Couple Game For Diwali Party

In this game, the husband will keep lighting the candles and the wife will keep blowing them off. They have to use just one match stick and the number of times they light and blow off the candle will be their points. The couple gaining the maximum number of points will be the winner of this game.

So, these were my 5 best couple games for the Diwali party. I hope you liked the games, do let me know your thoughts via comments.


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