Funny Teej Activity For Ladies Kitty Party: Matchbox Game

funny teej activity for ladies kitty party

This is a funny teej activity for ladies kitty party in India. While other ladies are planning to keep some Teej Tambola or some Teej Paper Party Games, you can keep this very different and interesting Teej Activity Game in your kitty party.

Funny Teej Activity For Ladies Kitty Party funny teej activity for ladies kitty party

How To Play This Funny Kitty Party Game:

  • A day before your kitty party, call all your members and tell them about the challenge
  • The challenge here is to bring maximum number of green items in a matchbox.
  • When everyone is arrived in the kitty party, start counting the number of items in each one’s matchbox.
  • The lady having maximum number of items will be the winner.
  • Do not forget to ask ladies to bring a list of all items they have put in the matchbox.

NOTE: Ask everyone to bring a particular size of matchbox or else it may create a dispute in your kitty party. Like you can tell them  to use the small matchbox of homelite or ship.

If it is not teej, you can keep this activity in your regular kitty party also where the ladies are asked to bring as many items as they can in a small sized matchbox. This game is suitable for ladies with big groups where you can ask everyone to do the task and then call the ones for final counting who have things more than 50 in a match box.

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