Headgear Theme Party : Funny Theme Party Idea

headgear theme party

Have you ever heard about a headgear theme party? It is an interesting and funny party theme idea for all age groups. Check out the Headgear Theme Party Ideas below and have fun.

Headgear Theme Party Ideas

headgear theme party
Actress Heidi Clum celebrated a Headgear Theme Party on her 40th Birthday

The Invitations for Headgear Theme Party

Make your invitations in the shape of a hat or cap. Your invitations could go something like this-Hats off to you as you are invited to a HAT party On… Time… Place…. Put on your favourite hat and let’s have a fantHATsical good time.

Decoration and dress code for headgear theme party

Use black, white and silver decorations and make large cut outs of various types of headgear. Collect pictures of old movie stars wearing hats and hang them around the party hall . You can ask your guests to come dressed in their casuals or formals, just make the wearing of the headgear mandatory.

Activities and Games for Headgear Theme Party

Game-1 A feather in my cap : Split into teams and give each team a large straw hat. Stand the kids in a line and several meters away have a large box of coloured feathers. The members of each team take it in turns to quickly put on and the hat and run to the box of feathers. They then have to take a handful of feathers and insert them in the hat and come back to their team-mates. Then the next team member goes. Set the time limit of 5 minutes. The team who has the maximum number of feathers in their hat, is the winner .

Game-2 This is a team game. Divide your guests in teams, give them coloured chart papers, scissors, glue and pins and ask them to make headgears of different types. Also ask the members to put on those headgears and do some ramp walking. Let the judges decide the winner. You can also give your guests some crepe paper and a hat and ask them to decorate their headgears with paper flowers .The most creative idea wins.

Game-3 Musical hats : This game is just like musical chairs but here the guests have to use hats. Ask the guests to stand in a circle and in the center on the floor, place a box full of hats enough for each guests minus one. Put on the music and let the guests move around. As soon as you stop the music, each guest has to rush and put on a hat from the box. The guest without a hat is out of the game.

Other Activities : You can have a passing the parcel game by keeping the chits inside a hat. You can take out the computer printout of headgears of various states/countries and check your guests’ general knowledge.

Menu Ideas for Headgear Theme Party

The great thing about a hat party is that you can provide whatever food you like but the key here is the decoration. Try to give a headgear shape or name to the dishes you serve. Consider placing a large hat and extra large cups and plates as a centerpiece for your dining table.



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