Tea Party Theme Kitty Party


While we always want to have a festival or the occasion theme kitty parties like monsoon theme kitty party, bold and beautiful theme kitty party or maybe a kitchen queen theme kitty party, it’s a good idea to keep some casual theme parties too. With such parties, you can keep a certain dress code or can even keep it just casual. Today I am sharing a simple and yet interesting kitty party theme, its the Tea Party Theme Kitty Party.

Tea Party Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

You can call your kitty friends for high tea in this theme and may or may not keep any certain dress code. Consider it more like a casual tea party with your friends but we will be playing all the games based on the tea-party itself. Also, the decoration of this kitty party would be perfect according to the theme.

Decoration ideas for Tea Party Theme Kitty Party

You can decorate your hall with various tea cutouts like the kettle, the cups, and saucers or maybe with some muffins and tea cakes too. You can also place some attractive tea crockery to make your party hall look more enticing.

Tea Party Theme Kitty Party Games

Guess The Tea Flavour

This is a guessing game where you have to keep various flavored tea leaves in the bowls and the challenge for the members is to guess the correct flavor. This is a one minute game and the players will get only a minute to guess the correct answer. The member who guesses maximum correct answers will obviously win the game. You can divide the members into teams first and then call one member from each team to play the game.

Memory Game

In this game, you have to make a tea tray with as many tea related items as you can. You can include the items like cupcakes, tea leaves, tea bags, cups and saucers, muffins, sugar, sugar-free, stirrer, etc etc and show the tray to the kitty party members just for a few seconds and then remove it. Call one member from each team and their challenge is to write the items in 30 seconds. The member who writes maximum correct things will win a point for the team.

Stack the cupcakes

This can be the next game in your Tea Party Theme Kitty Party wherein the challenge for your kitty members is to stack the cupcakes on their forehead for a minute. The member who plays the best will obviously be the winner of this game.

Make the tea

Here in this game, you have to prepare the tea tray with all the items required to make a cup of tea. The members from each team will come one by one and make the tea. The member who makes the maximum number of cups in one minute will be the winner of this game.

Teacup treasure hunt

You have to hide the paper tea cups all around your party hall and the challenge for the members is to search and find all of them. You can call the entire team to play this game and the team who plays best will be the winner.

Sugar Toss

This is a bit messy game but is fun to play with friends. You have to keep some cups filled with tea and the members will have to stand at a distance and throw the sugar cubes in the cups. You can give certain points to the cups before the member starts throwing the cubes. The member who bags maximum points will win this game.


This is a written game for yous tea party theme kitty party where you will give each team a paper with the word ‘Cupcakes’ written on it and the challenge here is to make maximum four-letter words using this one word. For example-

  • CASE
  • SAKE
  • PUKE

etc etc


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