Tambola Games – Specially Designed Tambola Tickets

paper party games tambola tickets

A bit different kind of Tambol Tickets brings some fun and humor in the kitty party. This is a special and different kind of tambola ticket played with same Tambola numbers.

Print down this tambola ticket and write down fifteen numbers on these twelve figures. You can write one on some figures and two numbers on some to make it a total of 15 numbers. There are five dividends in this tambola ticket –

  1. Men’s Wardrobe
  2. Women’s Wardrobe
  3. Kid’s Wardrobe
  4. My Wardrobe
  5. Nice Collection

paper party games tambola ticketsI hope the game and the tambola ticket is clear to you. If you have any kind of doubts, feel free to drop comment in the comment box below. 



    • Hey Priyanka..it is pretty simple. Just take the printout of this picture and make the copies as many as you want. Then write the tambola numbers on every item, like one number of shirt, one on skirt like this. Now the dividends are
      Men’s Wardrobe
      Women’s Wardrobe
      Kid’s Wardrobe
      My Wardrobe
      Nice Collection will be the full house. When someone gets the number cut for all men’s items they will call out men’s wardrobe…I hope you understood the game.

  1. Hii shivangi…in ds game wt abt kids grmnts ..rgerw only hlf pant ….only cuz tee wll be include in men’wardrobe. …..

  2. Hello shiwangi…your ideas are really unique and nice..thanks a lot for sharing it with everyone …please tell me the price of candy crush theme tambola tickets which are printed and not hand made. Thank u..

    • Thanks a lot Neha for dropping such a lovely comment. I love sharing my ideas with all my friends online. Mailing you the details of the candy crush tambola tickets.

  3. Hello,
    How to announce the numbers?
    Should we call out the number as the number or should we use some other word in place of number?

  4. Hi… Lovely ideas.. Can anybody suggest me a tambola games on the occasion of my mom dad both’s 60th bday… Thanks

  5. Hello Shiwangi… Really a nice collection of games … Can u please tell me . How many numbers to write. For example on pant . And what will come in my wardbrobe.

    • Hey Chandni, thanks for your appreciation. You have to write 3 numbers on each picture and mens wardrobe will include all men’s wear and similarly the ladies and kids wardrobe.


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