Fun Games For Easter – Egg Toss

fun games for easter

Fun Games For Easter . When it is about games for Easter, it has to be related to eggs somewhere and the name of the Easter game itself denote that it is a party game to be played with eggs. We have many decorated eggs in Easter, and this will look great if we play this Easter party game with colored and decorated eggs.

Fun Games For Easterfun games for easter

This is a simple game for Easter party, and as it is about Easter, there has to be an egg in the game. I have already posted a similar game with water balloons with the name Water Balloon Toss.

Well, let me explain you this Easter party game here to my reader again.

This fun games for Easter suits best in teams. For great fun you better divide your guests into couples and make them stand apart at a set distance. You can select the distance according to the age group of your guests and also according to the space you have in your room. This fun Easter game has to be played with hard boiled eggs or else it will be a great mess.

Just make the couples and ask them to stand at a set distance. Now start the time and the couples will toss the egg to each other. This is a one minute party game, and thus the couples will get one minute time for the game. The couple who managed to toss the eggs maximum times in one minute without dropping it will win this Fun Games for Easter.


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