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summer camp tambola ticket

Tambola Games For Summers . Tambola Games is the most popular category in my website here. Here is another special theme tambola ticket with somewhat different tambola dividends. This game has 7 different dividends which are clearly mentioned on this tambola ticket. Feel free to post your doubts in the comment box below.

Tambola Games For Summers

Tambola Games For Summer

Though the dividends are quite simple, but I am here to clear all your doubts. This special tambola ticket is designed by two of my kitty members Maahi and Sonal as you can see on the ticket also.The numbers are told with the same tambola number rhymes, and there is no change in that.tambola tickets

You can download the summer camp tambola ticket from the button below.

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  1. This is a nice game but I have a query with pairs as some tambola tickets are having less than four pairs and some are having more than four pairs

    • Thnx for being here Ankita..and now about your query. That entirely depends upon your luck because you will announce the dividends only after distributing the tickets.

  2. its good and interesting pls explain me the way of playing in detail i am unable to understand and also mail me the clear print of ticket

    this summer camp tambola is very nice and interesting but i have a douth plz clear me
    what is alternate no. in dis tickets series

    • Hey Neha, I am very sorry for the delayed reply. The alternate no means 1st, 3rd and 5th numbers of every line. Each dividend will have 3 numbers. Hope it helps. Do let me know if you have any other doubts in game.

  4. hi shivangi.really nice and innovative ideas are updated,but please send me a different type of tambola based on summer theme.i am really keen on exciting all my friends


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