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Tambola Games . After getting immense love on my Karva Chauth Tambola Story, my readers want some more tambola stories. So here I am with a new and interesting Horror story Tambola Game With  Tambola Numbers. This is an Indian horror story with tambola numbers in it.

Horror Story Tambola Game
horror tambola

This is a story with 1-90 numbers in it. The host will recite the story in a slow flow and the members will cut the numbers in their tambola ticket as they come in the story.

You can download the horror tambola story from the download story button below.

Download The Tambola Story 

I hope I am clear enough with the story tambola game here but if you have some doubts you can leave your comment below in the comment box.

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    • Hey Sangita, mailed you the horror story as well as one another tambola story .Karwa Chauth Story is not suitable for the current kitty parties but do let me know if you still need that. 🙂

  1. Hi Shiwangi, Please let me know that how can we give sub prices in this horror story like we give after the completion of 1 row, 2 row or breakfast , lunch etc. As this story gives only the full house price. I really like this story a lot.
    Please mail me other stories also.

    • Hey Deepshika it is very simple. As the story goes on members cut the numbers and when they get the numbers in a row cut they will get the dividend. It is like the simple tambola only but we are saying the numbers with a story. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Hi can u please email me this story as well as karva chauth story.and can u ssuggest me some story on environment theme because we have a ladies meet on this theme.

  3. HI can u please send me the complete horror tambola story as well as karva chauth story.can u send me a tambola story on environment theme for our ladies meet theme.

    • Hello Vikhyat the image contains half of the story. Mailed you the complete horror story of tambola as well as another simple tambola story containing 90 numbers. Enjoy

  4. Hi Shiwangi!! Really liked ur idea of story Tambola.. Can u mail me a story vch is a mixture of Christmas, new year, lohri, sakrant and valentine day?

  5. I liked this idea of yours of horror story
    But unable to download
    Can mail me this i need it tomorrow

  6. Hi Shiwangi,

    This sounds so much fun. Can you please mail me this story and few other stories, if any. I plan to have this done tomorrow at my office.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Shivangi, can u please mail me this story or if u have any other interesting gambols story as well.. I will be grateful.. Thanks .Regards. Talveen.

  8. Hi coukd u mail me the stories please … do u hv any story tambola for holi ??? … loved ur work … karvachauth story was a hit in our get together

  9. Hi.. My kitty is der 2mrw so urgently require dis horror story.. Can u plz mail me as it is not opening… Thanks

  10. Hi .. My name is rachita … Saw ur horror tambola start it seems very nice .. It is not downloading .. Pls send me the story on rachitamgoyal @yahoo.co.in.. Pls


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