New Year Party Games : Little Hearts In Your Mouth


Couple New Year Party Games . This is a wonderful party game to be played in couple kitty parties. We recently played this game in our Christmas theme kitty party and I found it best suitable as Game for New Year’s Eve Party also. This is an interesting game and brought up a great laughter and fun in our kitty party.

Couples New Year Party Games

couples new year party games

In this game you have to call the couples one by one to the game table and give them two bowls. One bowl filled with Little Hearts biscuits and other bowl empty. This is a one minute party game and thus the players will get sixty seconds to play this game. As the times starts the wife will pick the biscuit from her mouth, husband will take the biscuit with his mouth and then leave it in the empty bowl.

new year party games 2


This is an exciting game and creates the fun and laughter in your New Year Eve’s Party. We played this game and enjoyed greatly. Arrange this game in your New Year Party and have fun.

If you have any doubts about this couples new year party game, you can leave your comments in the comment box below and I will solve all your queries.


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