Spaghetti Race: Unique One Minute Party Game

Unique One Minute Party Game

This is one Unique One Minute Party Game for your ladies kitty party. I just came across this game while browsing over internet. It suits to all kind of parties, may it be a birthday party, an office Unique One Minute Party Game or some family picnic. Kids would also love playing this game and thus it is a nice game for kids too.

Unique One Minute Party Game

Unique One Minute Party Game

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Things Required

You need Paper plates, masking tape, and spaghetti pasta to play this game.

How to Play this Unique One Minute Party Game

  • Divide your guests into teams and call two members from each team to play this game.
  • With the masking tape to create a handle of sorts on the back side of each paper plate to create a “hand held device”.
  • Keep the spaghetti pasta on a table and an empty bowl on a table kept at a distance of at least 10 feet.
  • The challenge for the players to shift the pasta from one table to other while holding it between the plates as shown in the image above.
  • The pair who shifts maximum number of spaghetti pasta in one minute will be the winner of this game.

This game can also be played as a birthday party game for kids or an office party game with your employees or colleagues. I hope the game is clear enough to play. It is pretty easy to use the masking tape and convert these paper plates into hand held devices. Just stick the tape on the back side so as to make a holder. Do leave your comments below if you have any doubt or need any assistance to plan your kitty party games or office party games.



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