Money in the ice: Party Game

simple yet funny party

This is a simple one minute party game best suitable for your ladies kitty parties in summers. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party or keep it as a baby shower game. Moreover it also suits to the couple kitty party.

Simple yet Funny Party Gamesimple yet funny party


Things Required

  • Ice cubed with coins in it
  • Big sized bowl
  • Small plater
  • Stop watch

How to Play Money in the Ice

  • Get the ice cubes done a night before your kitty party.
  • Add coins in the ice tray and get the money ice cubes.
  • Divide your kitty members into teams and give one bowl full of ice cubes to each team.
  • Make sure that each team has equal number of ice cubes.
  • This is a one minute party game and thus every team will get a minute to win it.
  • The challenge is to melt the ice cubes and get the money out.
  • The team who gets maximum number of coins will be the winner of this game.
  • The team can melt the ice in anyway they want.

If you are playing this game in your couple kitty party, give a bowl of ice cubes to each couple and the couple who comes out with maximum coins in one minute will be the winner.

You can also play this game as an individual kitty party game. Give two ice cubes to each member and the one who melts both cubes first and bring the money will be the winner. You can bring the small twists to the game according to your party.

Watch The Money In The Ice Game Video Here


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