Handy Clothespins: Baby Shower One Minute Party Game

one minute game baby shower

One minute games are always fun, no matter what kind of party it is. Handy Clothespins is a nice, simple and entertaining Baby Shower One Minute Party Game and it suits all kind of parties, may it be a baby shower party, a bridal shower party, ladies kitty party or even a couple kitty party.

Handy Clothespins: Baby Shower One Minute Party Game Baby Shower One Minute Party Game

Things Required

You need a hanger and many clothespins for this game.

How To Play Handy Clothespins
  • Take a hanger and place around 20 or more clothespin in it.
  • Call the players one by one to play the game.
  • The challenger here is to take out the clothespins from the hanger using only one hand.
  • The player has to hold the hanger with one hand and take out the pins with other.
  • The one who gets maximum clothespins with one hand in a minute will be the winner.

The game seems to be simple but, taking the clothespins with one hand is a bit tricky. One can’t really hold more than 4-5 clothespin in one hand.

As I always say, if you have more  than 10 guest in your party, it is better to divide them in two teams and call one member from each team to play the game. Making so many members play this game individually may eventually bore other members in your baby shower party.

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