5 Best Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

5 Best Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Outdoor picnics are great ideas to grow family bonds while learning about and connecting with nature. With an outdoor picnic you can teach your children about the nature with the help of some fun outdoor activities for Kids. Moreover, you’ll also have fun watching your child’s face light up with wonderment and curiosity.

Below are a few activities best suitable for your kids as well as teenagers in your family. Thee activities will also bring a great quotient of fun in your family picnic.

Fun Outdoor Activities For KidsHalloween party game for kids

1. Nature Matchbox: Simple and interesting activity for kids

You will need: A matchbox for each child Playing the game

How to Play: Each child to fill their matchbox with as many different natural objects as possible (not living ones of course!) Who can get the most different objects?

2. Feely Bag: Nature Activity

You will need:  A large bag A number of objects found in the woodland e.g. acorn, stick, pinecone, feather

The activity:

  • Once the children are familiar with objects they may find around the wood, get one child to choose an item from the bag without taking it out
  • They describe the object to the rest of the group which has to guess what it is
  • The correct guesser gets the next go.

3.Rainbow Chips: Interesting Kids Activity

You will need: coloured pieces of paper (cut up paint samples work well)

The activity:

  • Give each child several chips of the “rainbow.”
  • The object is simply to find the colours somewhere in nature.
  • This is a good game for younger children.
  • For older groups, have them find the colour of their shirt, pants, someone else’s eyes, etc. in the forest

4. Who am I?: Fun Activity for Kids

You will need; pictures of animals or plants, tape or safety pins
The Activity:

  • Tape or safety pins a picture on each person’s back (best to have animals of a certain group).
  • The object is to find out what you are by asking yes or no questions.
  • This is a good game to encourage mingling, so everybody is allowed to ask each other person only one question at a time, then they have to move on to someone else.
  • Try using animals found in the area and then challenge everyone to try to find their animal sometime during the day, or talk about why it might be hard to find their creature.
  • Or use exotic animals and discuss why those animals are not found in this sort of habitat.

Sparrowhawk: Kids Activity

You will need;  beanbags or similar


  • Choose a person to be the sparrowhawk.
  • All the rest of the group space out and stand still as trees.
  • On the shout of ‘go’ bird (beanbag) is thrown at random from one tree to another.
  • The sparrowhawk tries to catch it.
  • If the sparrowhawk catches the bird it replaces the tree.
  • Try using more than one ‘bird’.

Try these 5 Best Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids in your family picnic and let them enjoy the magic of Mother nature.



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