Simple Party Games For Couples

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Nice and interesting party games can turn a dull and boring party into an exciting one, especially when it is a couple kitty party or any party where couples are invited. Today I am sharing some ideas of simple party games for couples. These simple fun games are easy to play yet will create a huge quotient of fun and laughter in your party for sure. Men usually are not interested in playing the typical and difficult games and thus these simple couple party games may suit them well.

Simple Party Games For Couples

Round and round –This is a very simple game to be played with a couple. Give one paper, a coin and a pen to each couple in the party. The couple will get one minute to complete the challenge. The challenge is that husband will make circles on the paper using the coin and the wife will write the names of round things in those circles. The couple who makes and write the maximum number of things in one minute will be the winner.

Coins on the tissue- This is somewhat similar to the game coins on the biscuit. Here the husband and wife will hold folded tissue paper in their mouth and balance the coins over it. One end of the tissue paper will be in husband’s mouth and other will be in the wife’s mouth and they have to keep the coins on the tissue one by one. The couple who manage to stack maximum number of coins will win the game.

Polo Necklace- Make a necklace using the polo candies and ask the wife to wear it. Blindfold the husband and the challenge is to eat the polo candies from the necklace in wife’s neck. This is again a one minute party game and the couple will get a minute to win it. The husband who eats the maximum number of candies will be the winner.

Try playing these funny and simple party games for couples in your party and do let me know how your friends liked them.


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