Ladies Kitty Party One Minute Games: Money Biscuits

ladies kitty party one minute game

I often get the messages and emails from the Indian ladies asking for some simple ladies kitty party one minute games and today I am sharing a game for them. This is a simple one minute party game best suitable for the Indian ladies kitty party. As far as I know, Indian ladies want to play the games which are easy as well as interesting. Also, they do not prefer the game with too much of physical work or labour. Money Biscuits is thus a best suitable game for Indian ladies kitty party, especially the middle-aged ladies.

Ladies Kitty Party One Minute Games

ladies kitty party one minute games

This is a one minute party game and thus the player gets only a minute to win it. In this challenge, the contestant has to stack the coins on a biscuit. Wait, it’s not that easy. The business is not kept on a table or a plate, but it has to be in the mouth. Yes, you read it correct; the player will hold the biscuit in her mouth and then stack the coins on it.

Call the player to the playing area one by one and give them a bowl full of different sized coins and a Marie Gold biscuit. Set your stopwatch to one minute and blow the whistle. When the time starts, the lady has to hold the biscuit in her mouth and start balancing the coins over it. The best part is that the different sized coins are not easy to balance and she can’t look down to grab the similar coins as well. This is one of the simplest yet funniest ladies kitty party one minute games. If you have many members in your kitty party, it is suggested to first divide them into teams and then, call one member from each team to play the challenge. The member who stacks the maximum number of coins will grab a point for her team. Do let me know if you liked this game and also feel free to share your ideas on ladies kitty party one minute games here on my website.

Check the game video here


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  1. I will make my kiity members play this game next month. Its very simple yet interesting & even pea pick game. As we host 2 games as hostess. I like all ur games . pls keep updating. Thanks


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