How We Celebrated Our Republic Day: Republic Day Celebration Ideas

republic day celebration ideas

Republic Day Celebration Ideas. Republic Day is our national festival but it is not limited to the government functions and official parades only. Every school, every society, and every institution celebrates this big day in their own way. Its all about patriotism and the love for our nation that the entire country celebrates this gracious day with full zeal enthusiasm.

However, like any other event, the Republic Day Celebration also asks for a great planning and a perfect execution. In this post, we will talk about how we celebrated our Republic Day function at our society and a few tips which will help you planning and celebrating this big day without any mess or hitches. First of all, it is a national festival and thus it is very important to involve each and every community of your society function, regardless of their caste, gender, age group, culture, and creed.

How We Celebrated Republic Dayrepublic day celebration ideas

Our Republic Day celebration as always was handled by the senior most members of our society. Not just the flag hoisting but they were involved in all other important decisions of the event. This makes them feel really important which they actually are.

With an aim to bring out the feel, we started playing the patriotic songs in the loudest possible volume from 8 am so as to make everyone in the apartments ready for the event with full feel and patriotism. 9 am was the time decided for the flag hoisting and the dress code was kept as traditional Indian wear. We didn’t really ask anyone to wear the tricolor outfits as we didn’t want to bound them with any such criterion.

Started with the flag hoisting followed by a few cultural programs our Republic Day celebration ended with a delicious breakfast. republic day celebration ideas

Republic Day Celebration Ideas

  1. The very first tip is to involve as many members as you can. Involving the elders and senior members of society is the best thing we can do in the Republic Day celebrations. Ask the senior most member of the society to hoist the flag or you can ask all senior members to do so together. This will not just make them happy but will also inculcate the values in our kids.
  2. Make a proper plan. Do not hustle bustle and plan your celebrations well in advance. Divide the chores among people, for example, give the decoration thing to one group, music, and cultural activities to another group, food to the third group and so on. This will not just help you plan the event well but will also bring a teamwork spirit among the society members.
  3. Involve Kids: Kids are always more enthusiastic than us adult thus involving the kids in such programs and events is always a great idea. Plan some sports events for the kids, chuck the old dancing and singing competitions and bring something new.
  4. Programs involving the ladies of your society will also be an addon to your Republic Day celebrations. The ladies of your society can prepare a patriotic play but if you want to make it a bit different you can plan a sports meet or a competition between the ladies and gents of your society. Planning a cricket match will also be a good idea.
  5. Involving the working staff and labor class of your society is another good idea to make your celebrations a great hit. This way you can make them feel happy and important which will further improve their work quality as well.
  6. Playing some team building games is also a very good idea to add an extra spark in your Republic Day Celebrations. You can play these one-minute games and tambola games also with the kids, ladies and even the gents of your society. Do not forget to arrange some small but good gifts for everyone who plays and wins.
  7. Rewards is another very good idea to add on here. You can give rewards for any of the good and commendable achievements of your society members, may it be some good academic scoring by some kids or some business achievements or sports achievement by some member or maybe some lady entrepreneur in your society.

So, these were my some tips on Republic Day Celebration Ideas. Do leave your comments down below if you want me to add some more tips and tricks here in the list.

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  1. This is such a wonderful celebration at home, and neighborhood. It’s essential to inform and involve kids from early on to understand the importance of such occasions. Thank you for linking and sharing my post at your blog.


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