One Minute Kitty Game With Coins

one minute kitty games for ladies

This is an interesting one-minute kitty game with coins. The best part of this game is that you don’t need many things to play. In fact, you just need the coins to play this game and nothing else. Do not forget to watch the video link below to understand the game better.

One minute kitty game with coinsOne minute kitty game with coins

Things Required


How to play this One Minute Kitty Games With Coins

  • This is an individual game and you have to call the members one by one to play the game.
  • The challenge here in this game is to balance the coins on your nails.
  • This is a one minute game and the players will get the time limit of one minute.
  • The player who balances the maximum number of coins on the nails in the given time limit will be the winner.
  • The image above will explain you the game better or you can also watch the video down below

Do leave your comments below in the comment box if you have any doubt in this game or in any of my one minute party games.

This one minute game is for your ladies kitty party but can also be played in any of your office parties, birthday parties or even in your family and friends gathering parties. The best part is that you don’t have to pre-arrange anything to play this game with your friends, family or colleagues. Just take out some coins from your purse and start playing this game. The game looks simple but trust me it is not that easy to balance the coins on nails.

Do try this game in your kitty party and let me know how your friends like it. Do tell me even if your friends didn’t like the game. I am here to share some interesting games and ideas with all my online kitty party members.


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