Tambola Game With Interesting Twist


Tambola is one of the most popular games played in ladies kitty party. Times have changed and so has our lovely tambola games. Gone are the times when we used to play the simple tambola with simple dividends. Now there are many interesting tambola dividends and different twists in tombola games.  Today I am sharing an interesting tambola game with an interesting twist.

Tambola Game With Interesting Twist

This tambola game has to be played with simple tambola but in a different and interesting way. Distribute two tambola tickets to each member of your kitty party.

Now start playing the game with regular tambola numbers and board. The interesting twist here in this tambola game is that players have to cut the numbers in the second ticket if they get a number of the first ticket. For example, if the host calls out a number and you have that number on your first ticket, you have to cut any number in your second ticket.

I hope the game is clear to you. If you have any doubt on this game, you can leave a comment down below in the comments section and I will try to clear your doubts. This is a very interesting twist in the simple tambola game and you can create a laughter riot in your ladies kitty party. This way you can create your own dividend and get a prize. Do play this game in your ladies kitty party.

If you have some other interesting ideas of tambola games or one minute kitty party games, feel free to share them here on the website. You can mail me your kitty party games and ideas and I will publish the game on the website under your name.

Till then keep kittying and keep partying because the trick if to enjoy life.



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