Simple One Minute Games : Find the right key


Simple One Minute Games. This is one of the easiest and most common one minute party games I have ever played but the fact is that it suits best for the kitty party with middle aged ladies. They always look for some game which is simple to play and also a bit interesting. I agree that this is not that interesting or exciting game but then again, we often need some simple one minute party games also.

Simple One Minute Games

Simple One Minute Game

  • Keep about 12/15 locks in the locked position on a table.
  • Have a bunch of keys with few additional keys just to make it difficult.
  • At the start the player has to pick bunch of keys and try and open as many locks possible in One Minute.
  • The player who is able to open maximum locks in one minute is the winner

You might find it one of the most  non interesting and simple one minute games but believe me it is good for the simple ladies of age group above 40. The middle aged ladies usually don’t want to play the simple games which they can play sitting on their chair and table.

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