Kitty Party Themes : Village Themed Kitty Party


Have you ever arranged a village theme kitty party or attended the same? If not, let me tell you that it one of the best kitty party themes I have ever arranged for my kitty party group. Village theme is a very unique and exciting theme, try it and tell me how was your kitty party.

Kitty Party Themes : Village Themevillage theme kitty party games and ideas

Dress-code for Village Theme Kitty Party

All the members have to dress up like a village girl ,as wearing a ghagra choli ,ribbons in the hairs,big anklets ,more bangles,and not so good make up,and one more thing every one has to talk in village language in the kitty party

Games for Village Theme Kitty Party

Party Game # 1

To draw water from well – To draw the water from the well(one tub) and fill the tub with the rope and the holed one member from each team and give them time limit of 1 min,the member of the team fill the maximum water is the winner of the round 

Party Game #2

Dressing a scare crow- Dressing up the scarecrow.For this again call two members from each team and give them the time limit again of one min and provide them some props to dress up the scarecrow such as shirt,cap,turban,lungi,tilak,moustaches etc. and the the team who use maximum props in minimum time wins the round 2.

Learn How to make a Scare Crow

Party Game # 3

Tyeing up the ribbons – Tieing ribbons.Call two members from each team and give them some ribbons and the time limit of 1 min .They have to tie the ribbons to each other’s hair and the team tieing max ribbons is the winner of round 3.

Party Game # 4

paper game – Paper game.Give all the teams one paper each and the time limit of one min to write the thing we come across when we go to a village,like the cattle,dung,dust,grass,wells etc.the team who write the max things is the winner of round 4

Party Game # 5

Find the hidden objects- Finding the hidden things.For this game the host will hide many small things like needle,bag,match box,thread,pen etc in different places .C all two members from each team and tell one of them all the things you have hidden and then she will stand behind the bar and give her partener the clues about the things in village language ,the other partner have to find all the thing following the clues .The team who finds all the things in minimum time is the winner of round 5.

Party Game # 6

Picking up the buttons- Picking up the buttons from the small heap of wheat.Call one member from each team and they all will play this game together .they have to pick buttons from wheat and the member of the team who picks max buttons is the winner of round 6.



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