Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party: Mark The Calendar

Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party

Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party. This is one of the toughest paper party games I have ever played in my kitty parties. In this paper party game you have to guess the months of names.

Kitty Paper Party Games : Mark The Calendar

Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party


Adding the game sheet calendar of year 2016

kitty party calendar one minute game

In the above picture there are 12 months but I haven’t mentioned the names. These months are jumbled up and in one minute you have to guess which is the calendar of which month. Mark the calendar with correct months – January, February, March ……….etc.
You can play this paper party game in any kind of gatherings but it is not suitable as birthday party games because of its difficulty level.

Do try to solve this paper party game and don’t forget to let me know how was this new addition in my list of kitty Paper Party Games.

Download the Answer Sheet of Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party Interesting Paper Game for Kitty Party


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      • Hi Shivangi,

        what I donot understand of this game is……. many months have 31 days.. I can write january on any of the block which shows 31 days.. what is the trick to write exact name on the correct month????

        • Hello Radha. No you can’t write January on any month. The trick is to start with the month of Feb which has 29 days in this calendar and as the game sheet shows, feb 29th is on Wednesday , the month which has 1st on Thursday will be march and so on.

  1. Shivanghi thanks fr sending me the ans for the game i asked last week.
    Pls, can you send me the image of mark the calendar game.

  2. Hi…I need games for my kitty party on 1st April..theme is April fools day..I have already seen the games which u have posted but I need sme more..plz help me fast


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