Funny Baby Shower Games For Couples : Dress Like a Baby


Funny Baby shower games For Couples. Believe me it is one of the interesting and funny baby shower games for couples. Couples in your baby shower party would love to play this game and if you have some interesting prizes for them, they will play this game with more of zeal and enthusiasm.

This is really very funny baby shower game where the wife will dress her partner like a baby. Sounds interesting right !!

Funny Baby Shower Games for Couples

funny baby shower games for couples

However, the picture posted above and the name of the game says it all but as usual I have to explain the game to my readers here on my website. The best part is that both the husband and wife get busy in playing this game and this involvement brings more of fun and laughter.

It is very interesting to play as well. Yes this is a very interesting and exciting baby shower game to be played in your baby shower party. This is indeed a couple game and would be the best is played between a husband and a wife where the wife will dress her husband like a baby.

The most interesting part of the game is that the lady with use only the paper ribbons to dress up her partner. She has to make the diaper, the bib, the hat, socks, belt etc..using the paper ribbons given to her by the host. This is a one minute party game and the couple who gets the most in one minute will certainly win this baby shower game. Although, there is no compulsion about the time. You can always adjust the game timings according to your guests.

Didn’t you find it interesting enough to be played in your baby shower party? If you are planning a baby shower party at your place, don’t forget including it in the list of your baby shower games. 



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