Funny Party Games : Wrap Around the Tissue Roll


Funny party games. Check out this picture of a funny party game, doesn’t it look exciting. I know it does and trust me it is equally interesting to play as well. Yes !

funny party games


This is one of the funny party games which you can play in your ladies kitty party, couple kitty party or even in an office party. Yeah it suits well as an office party game or a couple kitty party game also.

You do not need to do any prior preparation to arrange this funny party games in your party. All you need are just a few tissue paper rolls and nothing else. This is not a one minute party game and thus you won’t set the time limit rather the couple which does it first will win this game.

Call all the couples playing the game and make them stand in a row and give one tissue paper roll to each of them. When the host of the party shouts ‘Start’ one of the partners will start rolling the tissue paper roll to the other partner. The couple have to decide beforehand who will hold the roll and who will turn around fast to wrap the roll.

The couple who manages to finish the roll first will win this game. You can also keep the first, second and third winners in  this funny party game. 

If you have any doubt, please leave a comment below. I am always here to resolve your queries.




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