Ganpati Bollywood Songs: One Minute Kitty Part Game Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganpati Bollywood Songs is a nice and simple One Minute Kitty Part Game Ganesh Chaturthi. In this game I have made a game sheet with pictures from Bollywood songs on Lord Ganesha. This is a one minute party game and the members will get a minute to win the challenge.

One Minute Kitty Party Game Ganesh Chaturthi

One Minute Kitty Part Game Ganesh Chaturthi

Things required

  • Print outs of the sheet shown in the image above.
  • Pens

How To Play

  • Give one game sheet to the players in kitty party.
  • The challenge is to identify the songs and movies shown in the sheet.
  • Everyone will get one minute to complete the challenge.
  • The member who guesses maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner of this game.
  • If you have many members in your kitty party, divide them into teams first and give one sheet to each team.

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