Boy Molested in a Toy Car In Mall: Shocking Truth

Boy Molested in a Toy Car In Mall

A video of a toddler Boy Molested in Toy Car In Mall recently went viral on WhatsApp and Facebook. Today I got to know the reality of the video and the molester and thus found it useful enough to share it here with my readers.

Video Of Boy Molested in Toy Car in Mall

Boy Molested in Toy Car In Mall

This incident took place in a busy mall in Bangladesh. A couple hired a toy car to get some fun for their cute little boy and while the parents were assured their child is having fun, he was actually being molested and smooched forcefully. The child tried hard to escape but obviously wasn’t strong enough. This is a chocking video and makes us think that our kids are not safe anywhere, no matter you have a girl or a boy.

The most shocking news is that the person who smooched the boy was actually his own uncle. The young little boy came to the mall with his father and uncle and wanted to have a ride in the toy car we usually see in the malls. The uncle accompanied the child assuring his safety to the father and took the boy to an isolated place in the mall. He then forcefully smooched the boy. The young boy tried hard to escape but unfortunately wasn’t strong enough.

Boy Molested in Toy Car In Mall

Our kids, regardless of the fact that it is a girl or a boy are not safe even with our own relatives. The world is full of such jerks and we as parents have to be extra careful while leaving our child with anyone, may it be a maid, some neighbour or even our own relatives like uncles or aunts.

However, the jerk sinner is arrested now and has no other option but to admit his crime. One thing which is bothering me very much is that who is taking the video here and why is he or she not trying to help the young little boy from his so called uncle, the sinner.

Watch the video of Boy Molested in Toy Car In Mall below and see what kind of dangers our kids can go through-



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