Swastik: One Minute Ganesh Chaturthi Game

ladies kitty diwali party games

It is a festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi and Indian ladies, usually, want to plan some interesting Ladies Kitty Ganpati Games in their kitty party. Playing some interesting festive games actually double the fun of festivities and so I am sharing a One Minute Game today here  which may suit best to your Ganpati theme ladies kitty party .

One Minute Ganesh Chaturthi Game

ladies kitty diwali party games

Things Required

Match Box with sticks


How To Play

  • Call the members one by one to play this one minute party game.
  • If you have too many members in your kitty, better divide them into teams first and then call one member from each team.
  • Give them one match box filled with match sticks.
  • The challenge here is to make Swastik symbols using the match sticks in one minute.
  • The member who makes maximum number of Swastik symbols in one minute will be the winner.


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