Naughty Game For Ladies Kitty Party: Lingerie Trivia


Naughty Ladies Kitty Party Game. Kitty Party is a place where the ladies have their own time with friends, away from all kind of their family tensions and stress issues. Though we do play the games and tambola games in our ladies kitty parties but some naughty games can actually add a spark to your kitty party and bring a laughter quotient. So, today I am sharing an interesting and naughty ladies kitty party game which is named as Lingerie Trivia.

Naughty Ladies Kitty Party Game

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This is basically a question based on women lingerie line. This is a naughty paper party game where the challenge for the members is to guess the answers related to the lingerie just by seeing the picture. You can play this game in your bold and beautiful theme kitty party.

How to play this Naughty Ladies Kitty Party Game

I am sharing the game sheet here in this blogpost and you can get the printouts from any cafe nearby. Get the printouts according to the number of members in your kitty party and give one sheet to everyone. This is a one minute kitty party game and thus the members will get the time limit of one minute to solve the puzzle and write the answer. Obviously the member who writes maximum correct answer will be the winner of this game.

If you have many members in your kitty party or if you want to play this game in your ladies club, first divide them into teams and them give one game sheet to each team. The team who finishes the games in one minute with maximum correct answers will be the winner.

I hope the game is clear to you all and if you have any kind of doubts in this game or any other games, do leave your comment below in the comment section. I might take some time to reply due to the workload but I will reply your comments for sure.

See you in my next game post, till then keep kittying and keep parting.

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