Essential Gear for Baby’s First Six Weeks


Firstly, congratulations on entering motherhood!!

Since you are a newbie, you must surely be in search of a helping hand to help you to decide what to choose and what not for your newborn.

Newborns are sensitive and gentle, so while you shop for them you need to keep your eye on the ball and choose the best for your baby.

So, to help you out with it, here is a list of few essential gears for a baby’s first few weeks.

Sleepers and Sleepsacks

Be it for a night or for jaunting around; get half-a-dozen stretchy sleepers that will veil your baby from neck to feet, with snaps in the leg area for changing.

Don’t get lured to the cute ones while purchasing the sleepers or sleep sacks because the babies grow off them quickly, look for the long and super-protective ones.

Disposable diapers and wipes

Make sure you keep the disposables handy because babies relieve several times.

So, stock up the disposable diapers and wipes when there are great sales or discounts or whenever possible.

Purchase the right size and go for high quality to avoid leakage and rashes on your baby’s skin.

Try using the natural diaper cream when necessary.

When it comes to wipes, purchase the ones that come without any fragrance.

And, always make sure to keep a pack of it ready in your diaper bag.

Knit sweaters and caps

If you are near to the poles or have a winter baby, then get your baby some knit sweaters and caps to keep him warm.

Also, buy a snowsuit if necessary, otherwise wrapping a well-clothed baby in a nice and cozy blanket should also suffice.

Baby bathtub

Since you will be bathing your baby daily, buying a plastic baby bathtub will make the tedious task much easier and fun.

Babies have gentle and quite sensitive skin, so make sure you use specially formulated baby wash and shampoo to clean your baby.

Grooming gear

Since the baby’s nails grow faster, and to prevent him scratching himself and you, keep his nails short and always trimmed using the blunt nail clippers made especially for babies.

Buy a formulated lotion for babies to keep their skin moist after a bath.

If your baby has hair, buy a fine-blunt toothed baby comb to style his hair gently.

Doctor’s tools

Your newborn becomes a fussy baby and uncooperative especially during the visits to doctorswhile they are sick.

Aiding your baby at home with some of the tools to calm your fussy baby will do the trick.

Keep a bottle of infant acetaminophen drops to treat fevers, a nasal aspirator for stuffy noses and, also a digital baby thermometer to keep track of your baby’s temperature.

Make sure you use these with the doctor’s recommendation and prescription.

Crib, mattress and crib sheets

Get a new crib and mattress, and make sure that the style of the crib you choose meets all the safety requirements for your baby.

Buy quilted mattress pads, and, also waterproof liners if the pads are not lined.

Also, buy crib sheets that suit your nursery décor.

Since you will have to wash them frequently, purchase three or four to have them on hand all the time.

And, never put the blankets in a crib.

Baby blankets

Well, most of the time you won’t have to buy them as you will already be receiving them as gifts.

But, out of many, select the ones that are thin, soft flannel or knit.

Also, keep few heavier blankets handy to wrap your baby up in cold weather.

Baby bottles and burp cloths

Your newborn for the few weeks will have a routine of just sleeping and eating.

So, get your baby at least four to six 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles as well as bibs.

Also, buy a bottle brush to clean the bottles.

It will be good if you purchase half-a-dozen of burp cloths to protect your clothing.

Cloth diapers make ideal burp cloths.

Stroller or Baby Carrier

Well, it is obvious that you will want to take your baby on evening walks.

And a stroller will help you make your jaunting around easier.

Though you will find many new styles and designs of strollers, it is suggested to buy the one that meets all the safety requirements, comes with storage compartments and is comfortable and handy to use.

Alternatively, you can also buy a baby carrier or wrap to wear your baby around the town.


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