Indoor Team Building Activities| Best Corporate Games


Team Building Games play a very important role in keeping the good and healthy vibes at your workplace. Here I am presenting some of the best corporate games or say the best indoor team building activities for your workplace. Do try them at any of your corporate events and have fun with your team mates.

Indoor Team Building Activities

Human Rail indoor team building activities

To play this game you will be a huge piece of cloth stitched from one end. You have to take a long sloth piece and stitch it from one end. Now all the team members have to get inside the cloth roll and move ahead to the finishing line. The picture below will give you a better idea of how the cloth should be. The team who reaches the finish line first will be the winner of course.

Balloon Burst

As the name suggests, this is a balloon bursting game and you just have to give 10 balloons to each team and make a start and finish line. The members have to take the balloons from the start line, go to the finish line, sit on it and burst it. The team which bursts all 10 balloons first will be the winner obviously.

Huge Sheet Race

This is again a very funny and interesting indoor team building activity where the entire team has to hold the sheet over their heads and run from start line to the finish line. Whosoever completes the race first will be the winner.

Bang Banana

This is also a nice game to be added in the list of best indoor team building activities. In this game you would need many bananas. Keep the bananas on a chair at the finish line and make everyone stand on the start line. The team members have to come one by one and eat the complete banana. The team which finishes the bananas first will be the winner.



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