Lucky Lady Game For Kitty Party


I get many messages and emails from ladies asking for some lucky lady game for their kitty party. So today I am sharing a lucky lady game which I played in my Kitchen Queen Theme Kitty Party. 

Lucky Lady Game For Kitty PartyLucky Lady Game For Kitty Party

Things required

Coloured ice cubes with tambola numbers.

How to Play Lucky Lady Game

  • You have to prepare for this game at least a day before your kitty party.
  • Get some coloured ice cubes done at home using some strong painting or edible colours.
  • Put different tambola numbers in these ice cubes before you put the ice tray in your freezer.
  • Take these coloured ice cubes with numbers to your kitty party in an ice box.
  • When all members are arrived, ask everyone to take one ice cube and put in their glass of water.
  • In some time the ice will melt and the tambola number will float.
  • The lady with highest number will the lucky lady of the evening.

Give  the prize to the lady who has highest tambola number in her glass. Although it is more like picking like the lucky draw but adding this little twist makes it a bit interesting. You can also play this game in your couple kitty party and add the numbers of both husband and wife and the couple who gets maximum tambola numbers will be the lucky couple of the evening.


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