Get a Flower Band: One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game

One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game

Get a flower band was the one minute ladies kitty party game in our flower theme kitty party. This kitty party was organized by one of my lovely kitty party friends. This is an individual game and every member was given one minute to play this game individually. One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game


Things Required

  • Different sized flowers
  • Toothpicks
  • Stopwatch

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How to play this One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game

  • Call the members one by one to the playing area to play this game.
  • Give a bowl full of flowers and many toothpicks to the player.
  • The challenge is to put the flowers in hair using the toothpicks as shown in the image above.
  • The lady who puts maximum number of flowers in one minute will win  the challenge.

It is a simple one minute party game and can be played even with old aged ladies. Do give a clutch-er or a rubber band to the ladies who are in open hair. They can be seated in their chairs and play this game. The host can take the tray with a bowl of flowers and toothpicks to each player individually. We played this game in our flower theme kitty party and it was good fun.


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