We Are Scared of Auto-Rickshaw Drivers, Says Delhi Traffic Police


It was 9 pm when me and my elder sister were at Sarojini Nagar Market (S.N) at Delhi. We were looking for an auto rickshaw to our way home but none of over 50 rickshaw drivers denied taking us. We asked almost every auto rickshaw driver standing there but everyone refused to take to our destination.

Delhi auto rickshaw complaint number- 011 42400400

delhi auto rickshaw complaint number

Not only us but, there were many other girls and ladies looking for an auto-rickshaw not even a single rickshaw driver was ready to listen.

Finally after trying for around half an hour I decided to look for a policeman and seek help. After walking for over a kilometre, I saw a policeman and asked him to help me.

He replied, “Madam I am from Punjab Police, look for Delhi Police”. 

I walked more than a kilometre again and saw two policemen sitting at a booth. I asked them to help me getting an autorickshaw but was shocked with what he replied. The policeman said, “Madam apko khud hi baat karni padegi, hame to inse darr lagta hai (you have to solve your problem yourself, we are scared of these auto-rickshaw drivers)”. 

Whoa, I was stunned! Is this what we voted for? Are these the so-called Achhe Din? I wish I had my cell phone to click the pictures of the policemen and auto-rickshaw drivers.

Thankfully I met a decent man who told me about the special helpline number created by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal that is- 011-42400400.

I borrowed a cell phone and called on the helpline number which was picked by some policeman. I explained him the issue and he asked me to handover the phone any rickshaw driver standing nearby. The shock quotient doubled when I saw that no rickshaw driver was ready to take the call and in-fact they all took their rickshaws and ran away.

Finally one rickshaw driver agreed to take the call and the policeman on the other end ordered him to take us to our destination. I made a complaint against all the drivers who refused to take us to our destination.

So all the Delhi people note down the Delhi auto rickshaw complaint number- 011 42400400 and lodge a complaint whenever a rickshaw drive refuses to take you to your destination or over charge you. 


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