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September 18, 2019

Ladies Kitty One Minute Game : Jewelry Game

Today I am sharing a ladies kitty oneminute game which is a jewelry game actually. But here you do not need to make the jewelry from flowers or any specific jewels, but you have to make the jewelry items with green chilly.

Ladies Kitty Fun OneMinute Game With Green Chilly

ladies kitty oneminute game

Things required for Ladies Kitty OneMinute Game with green chilly

To play this game, you need the green chilies and the white medicated tape and nothing else. Yes, you need a stopwatch but that is nowadays available in every mobile phone.

How to play

  • In this game, the challenge for members is to make the jewelry items using the white medicated tape and the green chilies. They have to make different jewelry items in one minute which include necklace, long necklace, choker, earrings, rings, mangtika etc.
  • They can use the tape and the chilies as they want and the result will depend on the number of jewelry items they make.
  • The team or the member who makes the maximum number of jewelry items in one minute will be the winner of this game.
  • If you have many members in your kitty party, I would suggest you divide them into teams first and then play the game.
  • If you are playing it as a team game, you can ask the members to make the jewelry items together and then one of the team members will wear all the chilly jewelry.
  • The team who finishes the task in one minute will be the winner.

This looks like a simple game but is not that simple because green chilies are heavy in weight and it is not easy to stick them into the tape.

So, this was the game ladies kitty one minute game idea for today. Do let me know via comments if you liked this game or not. Also, give me some more ideas to publish the games here in my blog. I will be more than happy to post the games under your names.

Also, do not forget to watch my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online for the detailed game videos.

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