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September 17, 2019

Fun One Minute Game For Ladies Kitty Party

Ladies kitty party is all about gossips, interesting tambola games, and one-minute games. All we want is to have fun and today I am sharing another Fun One Minute Game For Ladies Kitty Party. This game is called Finding Things.

To play this game you need a big box, or a bowl or maybe a bucket filled with rice. Hide many small items in the rice like 5 safety pins,5 buttons, 5 coins, 5 clips, 5 toothpicks etc. Also, make the slips of the same item names

Now call the members one by one and ask them to pick a slip first. Support the player one gets the slip of clip, she then has to find out five clips from the rice bucket.

The member who find all the five pieces of the asked items will be the winner of this game.

This is a simple game but we many times need the simple games too when our members are too lazy to get up and play the running activity games.


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