Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket: Kitty Party Games



Hello Ladies, since it is the month of July and the Hindu festivals like Krishna Janamashtami and Rakshabandhan are soon approaching, I am getting many messages and mails from ladies regarding the Krishna Janamashtami theme tambola tickets. So finally I got the time to design one.

Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket

krishna janamashtami tambola ticket

This krishna janamashatami tambola ticket has to be played with simple tambola tokens and board. The dividends here are-

  • कान्हा की मटकी- when all numbers in the pot are cut
  • कान्हा की बांसुरी- when all numbers in the flute are cut
  • कान्हा की राधा- when all number in the lady are cut
  • कान्हा की गैय्या- when all numbers in the cow are cut
  • बोलो बांके बिहारी लाल की जय- when whole ticket numbers are cut.

All you have to do is to get the print out of the plain tambola ticket below and write the numbers in the dividends. To download the image, you just have to take your mouse over the image, right click and click on save image as. The picture will be downloaded in your system and you can get the printouts from any cybercafe near by. Do take the printouts in a fine paper sheet to make it look good.

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Download the Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket Below-

krishna janamashtami tambola ticket kitty partyy

Jai Shree Krishna 🙂


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