Kitty Party One Minute Game : Empty The Tissue Box


Kitty Party One Minute Game. This is a very interesting game to be played in a kitty party. Though it might look very simple game but trust me it is a fun to play this game. We have played this game quite a few times in our parties and it was always a funny game with lots of fun.

Kitty Party One Minute Game With Tissue Papers

Kitty Party One Minute Games
To play this game in your kitty party you may need a few tissue paper boxes. If you have divided the guests into the teams then you might need lesser number of tissue boxes but if you are planning to play this game individually in your kitty party you have to bring the boxes according to the number of guests in your party. This is a simple yet interesting kitty party one minute game.

This is a one minute party game and thus the players get sixty seconds to complete this challenge. When the time starts, the players have to empty the tissue paper box. It seems to be a simple game but it is easier said than done. Try playing this game at your place before you arrange it in any of your parties. It is one of the best kitty party games for ladies and can be played by any age women.

Do let me know if you want to ask anything about this game or any of my Kitty Party One Minute Game.



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