Funny Paper Games : Know Your Kitchen More

kitchen paper party game

Funny Paper Games .ย This is a simple paper party game for ladies kitty parties. As it is all about kitchen most of the women can play this game easily. It suits best for the ladies kitty parties and all you need to arrange this game is papers and pens.

Funny Paper Gameskitchen paper party game

This paper party game seems to be pretty simple but is not that simple actually. The ladies in your kitty party have to write the names of kitchen items alphabetically on a paper. All you have to do is to write alphabets A-Z on a plane paper and give one paper to each member with a pen. Explain the game well before the time starts. When the time starts ladies have to write the items from kitchen on the paper. for example-

A- Apron

B- Bread, Biscuit

C- Chapati, Chowmein, Chat Masala

D- Dustbinm dish, dish washer

E- Eggs,

F- Fan, fish, frying pan, fennel, fenugreek etc

G- Grill, gas stove, ginger, garlic etc

H- Hot plate, hot water

and so on.

This is a one minute paper party game and the players will get one minute to complete the task. Member giving maximum correct answers will be the winner of this game. You can download answer sheet below by clicking the button. This is one of the most common and funny paper games.

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