Kitty Party Dress Code Ideas


Whenever we have to plan a kitty party, one of the very important thing is to decide the kitty party dress code. It should be something which is interesting and not burdening for the kitty party members too. In this post, I am sharing some interesting Kitty Party Dress Code Ideas for you.

Kitty Party Dress Code Ideaskitty party dress code ideas

Normally, we keep the dress code according to the festivals near our kitty parties. So first I will share the dress codes months-wise and then I will give some other dress code ideas for your kitty party.

  • January– Makar Sankranti theme ( Indian traditional attire), Republic Day ( Indian Flag Dress Code), Winters ( Wollens)
  • February- Valentines (Red & Black), Basant Panchami (Yellow)
  • March- Holi ( White Dress),  Exams theme (Children dress code), Yoga Day (Yoga Dress code)
  • April- Mewar Festival (Rajasthani Attire)
  • May- Vacations Theme ( Tourist Attire), Summer Theme (Cool summerish attire), Rain Dance or Pool Party (Pool Attire)
  • June- Summer Festival (Summer outfits), Ramadan (Muslim Attire)
  • July- Rainy Season ( Raincoats)
  • August- Rakshabandhan Theme (Indian Attire), Independence Day (Flag colors)
  • September- Teachers Day ( Teacher’s Getup)
  • October- Karva Chauth (Heavy Indian Attire) Diwali (Indian Attire), Halloween (Horror Attire)
  • November- Diwali  (Indian Attire), Children’s Day (Kid’s Wear)
  • December- Winters (Winters Outfits)

Other than these festivals, you can keep many other dress codes like

  • Any Bollywood celebrity dress code
  • TV Serial dress code
  • Old age dress
  • Children’s dress code
  • Black and white dress code
  • Retro theme dress code
  • Gangster Theme (Black dress code)
  • Cowboy dress code
  • Tapori dress code
  • Belly dance dress code
  • Jungle dress code
  • Politics dress code

These are some good and interesting kitty party dress code ideas I have. Do let me know via comments if you want me to suggest a dress code for any of your particular kitty party theme. Also, do share your own ideas and I will post them in the blog under your name.

Keep Kittying and Keep Partying.



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