Queen of hearts: Valentines Day Lucky Lady Game For Kitty Party

valentines day lucky lady game

I know I am a bit late posting this, but nevermind ladies are still planning their Valentines Day Theme Kitty Parties. So this is a Valentines Day Lucky Lady Game  which you can play otherwise too but it suits the best to your Valentines Kitty Party as we are playing it with the heart cutouts.

To play this lucky lady game or the punctuality game in your kitty you need to make the heart cutouts and you will also need 6 glasses and a dice. You can make around 20-25 small cut-outs in the shape of the heart.

Valentines Day Lucky Lady Gamevalentines day lucky lady game

Number the glasses, 1-6 and call the members one by one to play this game.

The members now have to distribute the heart cutouts in the given glasses and then roll the dice. The number they get in the dice will be their glass out of the 6 glasses kept in the tray. Now their score will be the number of hearts kept in that particular glass.

For example, I have put 3 hearts in glass 1, 4 in glass 2, 6 in glass 3 and so on. And if my dice rolled out the number 3, my score will be 6.

You can play this game as a lucky lady game in your kitty party or maybe as a punctuality game too.

I hope the game is clear to you all, if you still have any confusion, please watch the video below.

Do let me know if you still have any doubts and wanna ask me something about this game or any other games in my blog.


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