Funny Easter Activity For Kids

Easter activity for kids

This is a very nice and one of the Funny Easter party game for kids. You just need a few balloons and a big enough space to play this easter game with kids in your Easter party.

Call all the kids to the play area and ask them to stand in a line. Make a start and a finish line in the playing area. Make sure that the lines are clearly visible.

Now give one blown balloon to each kid playing the game. Ask them to fix the balloon between their legs as shown in the image below.

Funny Easter party game for kids
Funny Easter party game for kids

How to play: Make all kids stand on the start line with the balloons fixed between their legs. Now blow the whistle and the kids have to reach  the finish line without dropping their balloons. The kid whose balloon drops will be out of the race instantly.

You can also play it with a bit twist. Like you can ask the kids to transfer the balloons from one table to a bucket kept at a set distance, being the rule that kids have to take the balloons between their legs only. They can’t touch the balloons with their hands.

You can bring the twists according to the age group of kids taking part in this Easter activity. Do make sure that the start line and finish line are not very far if you are having all tiny tots in your party and you can keep it bit apart if you have bigger ones.

Hope the game is clear to all and if you have any doubts you can leave the comments below in the comment box. I am right here to solve your queries regarding party games and ideas.




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