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September 19, 2019

Kumkum Losts 17 Kgs Weight: Ready for Comeback

juhi parmar weight loss

Juhi Parmar weight loss is the new talk of the town. Our favorite TV actress, Juhi Parmar popularly known as Kumkum is back in shape and is ready to make her comeback. TV Actress Juhi Parmar gained her popularity with her daily soap Kumkum and was also admired for her anchoring of Antakshari, the musical show.

Juhi Parmar gained a lot of weight after giving birth to her daughter. She was last seen in 5th season of Big Boss and she was plump at that time. But with her sheer determination, the lady has lost 17 kgs and is back in her super glamorous avtar. Though the actress has hypothyriodism she managed to lose whoping 17 kgs.

Juhi Parmar Weight Lossjuhi parmar weight loss

She adopted a regular workout regime and no shortcuts. With a rigorous workout routine, the lady managed to look gorgeous again with a glass hones silhouette. She also followed a strict diet schedule but without starving herself. On asking, Juhi says that she eats right at right intervals and does exercise 6 days a week. While the actress never had a desire to become a size zero girl, she only wanted to lose the extra flab over her body.

On being a mother, the actress took a break from acting. In her interview to TOI Juhi Paramar said, “My daughter is small and needs me. I can’t leave her at home to shoot 25 days a month. If need be, I am fine with not working for another couple of years. I do miss acting, but when I see my daughter, the feeling vanishes. I don’t regret my decision. There have been offers, but then I know that I am playing the most important role of my life. Work can wait, but not my child.”

Now when her daughter Samaira is is three and has started going to school, the actress is ready to make a come back on television. However, there is no news about her new serial on television, seems like Kumkum fans won’t have to wait longer. Juhi Parmar is not the first actress to turn from Fat to Fit, Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha are also good examples of the same. Checkout Sonakshi Sinha weight loss secrets here. 


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