6 Best Ways To Style Satin Saree And Look Fashionable And Stylish


How to style a satin saree. Saree fashion has changed completely now. You can drape a simple saree in too many different ways. Satin Saree which has been considered to be one of the simplest and cheapest sarees can also be styled in many different ways. Just a little tweak here and there and you can create a very new and stylish look from your plain satin saree. And the best part is that it is very affordable so you can create your party look right in your budget.

Today in this post, I am sharing some of my favorite looks I’ve created

How to Style Satin Saree

  1. Style satin saree as an evening gown with flower
  2. Style satin saree as a maxi dress
  3. Style satin saree in a modern way
  4. Style satin saree in dhoti style
  5. Style satin saree in double pally style
  6. Style satin saree as bell sleeves gown

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1. Style Satin Saree As A Gown

This is my most favorite look where I’ve created a gown out of my sea-green plain saree. It’s moreover a simple and traditional saree drape with just a little different pallu. Watch the video to know to drape it

2. Style Satin Saree As a Maxi Dress

Here I’ve styled this maroon saree as a maxi dress or you can even call it an evening gown. Again here the entire drape is simple and traditional and just the pallu is different. Also, adding a simple belt had pumped up the entire look. Also, I have used a bodysuit instead of a regular blouse to create this beautiful and different look. This is a very stylish and graceful look perfectly suitable for all kinds of occasions including the family weddings, cocktails party, or a ladies kitty party.

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3. Style Satin Saree In A Modern Way

This is a very different drape. Here I am wearing my satin saree with jeans and not the petticoat. This is again a very gorgeous drape and very stylish and comfortable too, the only problem with this drape is that you won’t be able to pee 😛 This drape suits all age groups and all body types.


4. Dhoti Style Drape With Satin Saree

Here I’ve draped my black saree in a dhoti style. Usually, you must have seen this kind of drape with the bordered sarees but it looks equally gorgeous in the plain saree too, especially the satin saree. This style of saree drape is perfectly suitable for all age groups. You can style this drape in your farewell party, a kitty party, or even for any family wedding or a cocktail party.

5. Wear Satin Saree With Double Pallu

This is again a very different king of saree drape where I have not one but two pallus on both my shoulders. It is named as a warrior style saree drape. This drape is perfect for any kind of cocktail party, farewell party, or even for any of your theme kitty parties.

6. Satin Saree As Bell-Sleeves Gown

This is again one of my favorite saree drape videos where I’ve created the bell sleeves using the pallu of my saree. In this drape also the only pallu is different and the entire saree drape is the same old traditional one.

Do let me know via comments, which one did you like the most. Also, do follow me on Instagram.



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