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Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party At Home. So COVID is still here but the country is in its unlock mode now and after waiting for almost 5 months, my friend has planned a kitty party at home finally and of course, we followed all the preventive measures and took proper care. So here in this post, I am sharing how you can do a Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party At Home, how can you decorate your home, plan game, and what all you can prepare in your menu.

Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party At Home

Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party Decor At Home

So she decorated her entire kitty party hall with the flowers, pineapple cutouts, drums, garlands, plants, etc. You can see the pictures below for a better reference.

Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party Games

As its the Hawaiian theme, we tried to keep the games around flowers, garlands, straw pipes, etc. So let’s see what all were the games in our kitty party.

Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party Games

Naughty Tambola-

Naughty Tambola Game For Ladies Kitty Party. This is one of the naughtiest tambola game I have ever played in my kitty party. We recently had our club party with the theme thanda thanda cool cool and the teams names were on fruits names so we got the watermelon team and thus our tambola ticket was in the shape of a watermelon.

The naughty tambola game was made of a thick plastic sheet in a circular shape. Each circle had 8 numbers which made the tambola ticket of 16 numbers in total. The two circles were attached by a ribbon to make them look in the shape shown in the image below.naughty tambola game for ladies kitty party

The challenge in this tambola game was that my ticket would be in my friend’s neck and her ticket would be in mine. And, we have to play the tambola game like this only.

The dividend in this naughty tambola game for ladies kitty party were-

  • Ooiii Ma- Early 7
  • Left dabaya- When numbers on left circle are cut
  • right dabaya- When numbers on right circle are cut
  • Dono dabaye- house ( when all numbers on both the circels are cut)

You can add some more dividends if you want. This is a hilarious tambola game, especially for the ladies kitty party. You can play this game in your couple party also but only if they are comfortable with such naughty games.

Punctuality Game

To play the punctuality game for our Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party At Home, there were 6 flower cutouts spread on the table and we had one dice. All six flowers had the numbers written on the back and the punctual members had to roll the dice and turn the flower as per the number they got on the dice. Each player gets 15 seconds to roll the dice and the number of flowers turned is their score.

Game 1- Sea-Shell Necklace

Since its Hawaiian theme, the one-minute party game we played was to make the sea-shell necklace in a minute. We used the pasta instead of the sea-shells to play this game. So basically, the members who made the maximum number of pasta necklaces in one minute won this game.

Game 2- Tooth Picks In Sievehawaiian kitty party at home

In this game, the members were given the sieve spoon (karchi) and they had to keep their own tambola circle paper on the sieve and then insert the toothpicks into it. It was a 30 seconds game and the member who does the best won the game. The maximum score in our kitty party was 6.


Game 3- Hawaiian Pictionary

It was a nice simple Pictionary game but on the Hawaiian theme. One member from each team came and had to pick a chit from the bowl. The bowl had all the chits with some Hawaiian or beach words in it. The member then had to draw the picture of the word written on that chit and the rest of the team had to guess it. The team who guesses the maximum correct answers won the game.

Game 4- Hoola Hoopa Circle

This was a couple-game so two members from each team came to play the game. Now the challenge was to take the hula hoop as a circle out of both their bodies in one minute and the couple who does that maximum times in a minute won the game. In our kitty party, the maximum score went to 16 rounds in a minute.

Game 5- Straw Pipes Toggle

For this game, you need a tomato, toothpicks, and many straw pipes. The members will get a minute to pick the straws using their mouth and then put it in the toothpick stuck in the tomato. See the image below to understand the game better or you can also watch the game video on my YouTube Channel 

So, if you are planning a Hawaiian Theme Kitty Party At Home, this post and these kitty party games and decoration ideas might help you. Do not forget to leave your comment if you liked my ideas.

Happy Kittying and Stay Safe.



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