Ghost Hunt: Funny Halloween Party Game For Teens

halloween party game teens

Ghost Hunt is a very funny Halloween party game teens. Entertaining teens is always tricky, you just can’t entertain them with silly kiddish games or with the interesting gifts. All they want is fun, so if you are planning to throw a Halloween party for teens, make sure you have some really entertaining Halloween games for them.

Fun Filled Ghost: Hunt Halloween Party Game Teens

halloween party game teens



You will need some people for this game. You can ask your siblings or close friends to become ghosts for this Halloween party game. Get them dressed with some really scary Halloween costume and scary makeup. If possible, give some fake axe or knife. Now ask them to hide somewhere in the party hall.

As the name suggests,  the players will have to hunt for the ghost in the completely dark house. If any player finds the ghost and scream, he/she is out. The player who remains till end of the game will be the winner of this scary ghost hunt.

To add more effect in the game, make sure that the room is pretty scary and dark. You can assemble a fogger to give your room a foggy and steamy look. Hanging the fake webs and some scary dolls may add on to the scary look of the room. Don’t forget to play some scary and horror music throughout the party.

Do leave a comment below in the comment box if you liked this Halloween party game teens. Also feel free to share if you have some ideas and tips for the same.




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