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10 Best Halloween Make-up Ideas For Girls

Halloween is soon approaching and all Halloween fans might be looking for some interesting, new and unique Halloween makeup ideas for the party. I browsed over the web for quite long and selected the best Halloween makeup ideas for the Halloween party on 31st October this year. Check out the make up ideas for Halloween party below and let me know which one you liked the most.

 Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Half burnt face is one of the scariest Halloween makeup ideas. To get this scary look, you can use the fake blood, cosmetic plastic and fake teeth. These items are available on various stores online.

source: girls hue
source: girls hue

2. Zipped eyes can make you look really scary in the Halloween party night. Make sure you use the fake eyelashes as it may enhance the scary look.


3. This is another look of scary burnt face. One fake eye and the burnt cheek of this girl can scare the hell out of everyone in the Halloween party.

happy halloween make up girls

4. This is one of the scariest Halloween makeup ideas for girls. However, boys and men can also get this done but a girl with such a face will look scarier.


5. This is scary as well as cool Halloween makeup idea for girls. Enhanced eye- makeup and the drawing of fake teeth is making the girl cool and scary at the same time. Halloween-make-up


7.Have you every seen such a cool and fashionable skeleton. The perfect eye makeup and the teeth look make this girl look scary and very different from everyone in the party.

source: rolling out
source: rolling out

8. White hair, black kohl eyes and black cuts on the entire face can be a different and scary Halloween makeup idea for this Halloween party. Do apply some light colored foundation on your face before making these black cuts. halloween make up 2

9. Black colour or Kohl can be used to get this Halloween makeup done. Exaggerated eye makeup and black kohl on lips and entire mouth area can make you look scary as well as cool. halloween make up

10. Fake eyeballs, fake Dracula teeth and cosmetic plastic is used to get this Halloween makeup done on your face. The scary doll is enhancing the scary look.

halloween makeup ideas
Source: I love this pic

The best part about all these Halloween Makeup Ideas is that you can do them yourself. Do let me know which one was your favourite makeup idea.

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