Flower Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

flower theme kitty party games and ideas

It was around 2 months back when we had a Flower The Kitty Party with our friends. It was arranged by one of my good friends and she asked everyone to come in a flowery dress for the party. In this post I will share the flower theme kitty party games and ideas.

Flower Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Flower Theme Kitty Party Decoration

For this theme you can decorate the party hall with various flowers and colourful dupattas. You can hang the flower strings in the walls and also put some flowere on the tables.

Party Games

Game 1- Flower Tambola- This is a simple flower tambola for this theme kitty party. The dividends here are

  • The Petals
  • Star in between the petals
  • Stem
  • Leavesflower theme kitty party games and ideas

Game 2- Flower BandOne Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game

  • Call the members one by one to the playing area to play this game.
  • Give a bowl full of flowers and many toothpicks to the player.
  • The challenge is to put the flowers in hair using the toothpicks as shown in the image above.
  • The lady who puts maximum number of flowers in one minute will win  the challenge.

Game 3- Flower Necklace flower

  • Call members one by one to play the game and give a 3 mtrs long satin ribbon, flowers and stapler
  • The challenge is to cut the satin ribbon and staple it around the neck as a necklace and add flower asthe pendant.
  • The lady who wears maximum number of necklaces in one minute will be the winner.

Games 4- Flowery Tambola

  • kittyTake a plain A4 Sheet and paste the complete sheet of tambola over that.
  • Write the flower’s names by each ticket’s side.
  • Start playing the tambola in the normal way with normal dividends like lines, early five and houses.
  • After each dividend, call out any flower’s name and the members have to cut off that tambola ticket.
  • There will be only one ticket left in the end.

Hope you like these Flower Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas. Do like the post if you liked the games ideas and also leave your comments below in the comment box.

Happy Kittying 🙂



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